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Viraday Reviews - Your definitive guide

Viraday Reviews

Cipla Viraday Reviews

Viraday by Cipla

An independent list of all the reviews about Viraday HIV medication (good and bad) we have found online.

We've done all the hard work for you and collated all the reviews and common questions we can find online from respected pharmacy sites and HIV health forums around the world.

Please note the information below is NOT intended to endorse the use of Viraday.  Although you may find these reviews useful, they are not intended to replace the knowledge and advice given by your healthcare specialists.

Questions about the quality of drugs manufactured in India

Many people have questions about the effectiveness of Viraday versus the higher priced drug Atripla. There is certainly a common misconception that Viraday cannot be as effective as Viraday since it is significantly cheaper.

This is just one example that represents the thousands who cannot afford to purchase HIV treatment drugs with US patents as the individual asks "Is this drug effective?"

The answer to the question is, yes! Viraday is as effective as Atripla and it is affordable.

Checkout the excellent POZ forum for more info on this question:

What is Viraday? Here's an article you need to read

If you aren't sure what Viraday is and you or a loved one is HIV positive, TabletWise can help you better understand what Viraday is and what it can do.

This site has consumer reviews shown in percentages so that they are easier to understand. You can even report your own findings if you have taken Viraday. Check it out here:

Significant savings and amazing CD-4 count and viral load results

Atripla cost $1700 a month and after 6 months, an alternative was required. The viral load showed some improvement as well as the CD-4 count. Upon switching to Viraday by Cipla Pharma of India, a two month supply was available for $350 with prescriptions accepted by the company selling them. Within two months, the CD-4 counts were up and the viral load was reduced from 18,000 to 240. Viraday works!

See this excellent blog for more info:

Is Viraday as strong as Atripla? A patient who lost their insurance wants to know

POZ Community Forums are a round-the-clock discussion area for people with HIV/AIDS, their friends/family/caregivers, and others concerned about HIV/AIDS.

There are links for browsing their various forums or scrolling down the main page will allow you to see the most recent posts, such as this patient's question.

Find out the answer or join in the conversation yourself. Check out the POZ Community here:

How long can you live with Viraday treatment?

This is a question many patients are asking. This particular patient is asking about taking Viraday when the viral level is high and whether or not there are any warnings for someone in an advanced stage. Check out the doctor's response here:

Medical professional answers patient question about life expectancy on Viraday

A patient asked how long the life expectation is when using Viraday for HIV treatment? The physician responded in an online forum suggesting that use of this drug increases the chances of living a normal or near normal and healthier life.

Atripla vs Viraday : Whats to be said of the generic form

Many believe that a generic form of medicine isn't as strong as the name brand, but the truth is, the medicine is the same. Read what these patients have to say on this thread on POZ here:

Whys isn't Viraday sold worldwide, when Atripla is?

This is a very good question a lot of patients are asking. This patient also asks why there aren't more generic medicines for fighting against HIV. Although both questions are answered well, it is not by a medical professional. Find out the answer to these important questions here:

Ask the experts about Viraday and aging

The Body: This Complete HIV/AIDS Resource confronts many issues with HIV and getting older. Questions are answered by a doctor and are well explained.

Read this forum and see what other patients are asking about and getting answered. Patients are concerned about a number of other topics. Check it out here:

Read how this patient didn't want to switch from Viraday

This patient found out he has osteoporosis and he is asking the doctor what the difference is between an alternative drug and Viraday. He has been doing well on Viraday and actually doesn't want to change. Read about his dilemma here:

Is Viraday as effective as Atripla?

Again, so many affected by HIV are interested in this information. It is very important to know if Viraday is as effective as Atripla and you can read this patient's blog about switching to Viraday without her doctor's knowledge. Find out her results here:

What is the lifespan of a patient on Viraday?

This patient is obviously worried about his lifespan, so he asks the doctor how long he might live while continuing to take Viraday. The doctor has good news for the patient! Read his response here:

Public Discussion forums: Is Viraday safe?

If you'd like to know if is it safe to conceive on Viraday or want to learn about drug interactions from other patients, this public forum has many topics to choose from. All questions are answered or commented on by a doctor.

Check out the forum on Viraday vs Atripla here:

Are you worried about getting belly fat by taking Viraday?

After being on treatment awhile, this patient realized she had gained weight, especially belly fat, and wondered if it was due to taking Viraday. See how the doctor answered her question here:

Check out the forum on Viraday vs Atripla here:

Patient information : Know what you are taking

UpToDate is one of the most respected medical information resources in the world. On this particular page is a ''beyond the basics'' guide to HIV medicine. Before you start a medication, learn all you can about taking it here:

Treatment decisions for HIV: Know your choices

This is the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs treatment for HIV entire section. Learn about your choices for treatment. Make an education decision when it comes to your treatment. Learn how to do that here:

Is Viraday cost effective? Discussions found online

This online forum was buzzing with the news that Cipla Viraday is an affordable alternative to Atripla.

USFDA approval of this drug back in 2006 is evidence that it provides more benefits than risks.

This page below collates discussions found on the Web for Atripla and Viraday:,Cipla/?a=s


These reviews are strong indicators that there is a population that is in need of more affordable and effective HIV treatment. Those who have tried it for themselves are happy to report on their experiences.

Cipla Viraday from India is one solution to the problem. Although there is not yet a known cure for HIV, it can be managed and controlled for a longer and healthier life.

Even though Atripla and Viraday are the same drugs, there is still a common misconception about generics being inferior to the more expensive brand version. However, Cipla Pharmaceuticals has built a solid reputation for delivering high quality medications at affordable prices.

Also, bear in mind that in the USA and UK, over 85% of all drugs prescribed are generic.

People who have purchased and used Cipla Viraday have generally reported a positive experience with clinically proven effectiveness results, with the benefit of substantial cost savings.

The USFDA has reviewed and considered the benefits of the use of this drug, manufactured in India and has given it the seal of approval for use in the treatment of HIV.

After weighing the pros and cons and considering what others have to say about this drug, the verdict is in and it is a positive vote of confidence for Cipla's Viraday drug from India.

Please also note that we have not received any negative feedback or complaints from our customers who bought Viraday from us.

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