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Viraday cost

Viraday costs only $4.52 each
Viraday (Generic Atripla) by Cipla
Isentress 400 mg needs a prescription

Our monthly Viraday cost is about 95% less than Atripla

Viraday cost USA
1 month supply$104.70 (30 tablets / 1 bottle)
Generic nameEfavirenz; Emtricitabine; Tenofovir
Dosage600 mg/200 mg/300 mg
USA brand nameAtripla
Guaranteed tracked free delivery7 - 12 days express mail worldwide service (USA, Venezuela, Middle East, Asia and more)
AvailabilityIn stock
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The Viraday cost for 30 tablets compared to the prices for Atripla from major US pharmacies is shown below:

PharmacyPrice (per month)
World Trust Pharmacy   $104.70
Target CVS$2,615.20

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Viraday cost help

People with HIV have an option that can increase immune system functioning and slow the progression of the virus. Unfortunately, many have been unable to afford potentially life saving and health enhancing treatments such as Atripla. Some of the larger pharmaceutical companies charge prices that are beyond the means of people already struggling to pay doctor, prescription and hospital bills.

The answer to the financial dilemma is to look at the Viraday cost. This drug is the generic version of Atripla and is a unique combination of three effective retrovirals which block and inhibit the replication of HIV in the human body.

Viraday price comparisons

The following is a breakdown of Atripla prices at a sampling of the more well-known pharmacies in the United States and shows how competitive our price of $104.70 for a month supply is.

CVS Pharmacy

Atripla is the brand name for the generic Viraday which is not currently available at CVS. The cost for this product is as follows

30 tablets: $2,001.87
60 tablets: $4,139.11
90 tablets: $5,993.11

Kroger Pharmacy

The generic form of Atripla is not currently available through Kroger pharmacy. The pricing range for the brand name is:

30 tablets: $2,003.12
60 tablets: $4,090.40
90 tablets: $5,993.66

Rite Aid

Rite Aid pharmacies only sell Atripla, the brand name alternative priced as follows:

30 tablets: $2,042.06
60 tablets: $4,229.02
90 tablets: $6,112.19


Kmart pharmacies only sell Atripla :

30 tablets: $2,002.37
60 tablets: $4,090.40
90 tablets: $5,648.93


Publix pharmacies only sell Atripla. The brand name Atripla pricing range is:

30 tablets: $2,002.42
60 tablets: $4,090.40
90 tablets: $5,993.66


Walgreens pharmacies only carry the brand name Atripla with prices being:

30 tablets: $2,039.43
60 tablets: $4,090.65
90 tablets: $6,101.29

Each of these pharmacies located in the United States are known for offering among the lowest prices for prescription drugs. While there is a variation in the costs from one provider to another, the costs are far above what the average blue collar worker can afford.

Often, health insurance plans do not adequately cover the costs. Those without health plans must bear the brunt of the total cost alone. Those who do not have financial resources go without the medications which could enhance and prolong their lives.

World Trust Pharmacy offers the generic Viraday manufactured by Cipla in India for only $3.49 per tablet. A full prescription of 30 tablets costs just $104.70

This represents a significant saving over the costs of the more popular pharmacies in the United States. Since the medication is shipped from India, this helps make this drug less expensive for people around the world who could otherwise not afford this necessary medication.

Low cost solutions for HIV treatment

People who once could not afford the cost of expensive HIV treatment medications have the opportunity to purchase Viraday at a reasonable and affordable price.

World Trust Pharmacy now carries this hard to find solution which is manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceuticals.

High quality, full strength Viraday can offer a longer and healthier life with the possibility of avoiding the development of AIDS. Hope is now within reach for many who are in desperate need of this valuable medication.


Viraday comes in a fixed dosage. This means that there is no need to search for the correct dosage combinations or to change the dose as treatment progresses. It is as simple as establishing the best time to take the established dosage of one pill per day.

You should take this medication at the same time every day.

If you miss a dose you can take it as soon as you remember as long as it is within 12 hours of the missed dose. If it is longer, skip the dose and take the next one at the regular time. Avoid doubling the dosage. If you overdose, seek emergency medical help immediately.

After assessment, your physician may require a detoxification of your system through the use of charcoal or other commonly used treatments for overdose.

How to take Viraday

The tablet should be swallowed in its whole tablet form. Do not crush, chew or break the pill prior to ingesting. Take it with a glass of water. In order to lessen side effects, schedule your dosage to be taken prior to bed time.

Take at least one hour before eating or two hours after meals. Food causes efavirenz to absorb faster into the body. This can increase the chances of side effects which include gastrointestinal symptoms.

Do not abruptly stop taking this medication as this can cause the HIV virus to become immune to retroviral drugs and lessen their effectiveness in preventing AIDS from developing. This medication should be taken as directed on a daily basis.

Viraday vs Atripla

The Atripla generic Viraday is the generic form of the HIV treatment Atripla, with the same formulation as that found in Atripla. Each contains Efavirenz (600 mg), Emtricitabine (200 mg) and Tenofovir (300 mg).

The generic has the same effectiveness as the brand name by comparison. The effects are the same, but there are a few major differences. Atripla is more widely available than Viraday and the price is significantly higher. The reason for this is that Atripla is a brand name that is protected by a patent. This means that the formulation cannot legally be replicated in most countries around the world.

There is one exception to this rule. The country of India is not subject to the laws of this patent and manufacturers are free to produce the exact drug under the generic name Viraday and it is perfectly legal.

Our supplier, the Cipla Pharmaceutical company manufactures and distributes this medication for a far more reasonable cost than any US pharmacies.

Please visit a definitive guide to Atripla vs Viraday for further information.

Side effects

As with any medication, Viraday users have reported side effects with its use. The most common include: gastrointestinal discomfort including but not limited to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and abdominal pain. In addition, nervous system symptoms, rash, headache, dizziness, anorexia, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances including bizarre dreams and insomnia. In addition, some users reported poor concentration, sleepiness, discoloration of the skin.

Changes in the pigmentation of the skin most notably on the arms, soles of the feet, palms of the hands, breasts, neck, legs, face and waist have been reported..

Physical changes including relocation of body fat and bone mass which change body shape have occurred.

Some more serious and less common side effects include:

Pain in the joints, muscle weakness and aches, tingling or numbness in extremities, changes in vision, sores that do not heal, coughing, chills, fever, nervousness, intolerance to heat, heart palpitations, arrhythmia, goiter development, bulging of the eyes and the development of Guillai-Barre Syndrome which is characterized by breathing problems, paralysis and slurred speech.

Other potential issues

Allergic reactions are possible. The signs are difficulty breathing, swelling of throat, tongue, face or lips or hives. Seek emergency medical assistance if any of these signs appear.

A medical condition known as lactic acidosis has been reported by some users of Viraday. Lactic acidosis may begin gradually and worsen as time goes by. Symptoms of this condition include pain or weakness of muscles, numbness or coldness in legs or arms, gastrointestinal symptoms including gas, vomiting, nausea and stomach pain, breathing difficulty, dizziness, tiredness, irregular or fast heart rate and weakness. If you experience even mild symptoms of this nature seek medical help immediately. Liver damage is possible for some patients and symptoms include pain in the upper stomach, dark urine, yellowing of eyes or skin, lower urination volume, itching and loss of appetite.

Other symptoms which may occur with liver damage include sleeping problems, irritability, hand tremors, perspiration, light headedness, lower urination volume, pain in lower back, poor bladder or bowel control, skin pallor, convulsions and impaired motor skills.

Does everyone experience side effects from Viraday?

Because each person is an individual, he or she will experience results of taking this medication in a different way. One of the more common side effects is a rash that is generally not harmful and may go away during the course of treatment.

Those most at risk for suffering moderate to severe side effects are they who are co-treating, have allergic reactions to the ingredients or who are taking some other type of medication and/or natural supplements. People with kidney or liver issues are particularly at risk for developing more serious reactions from Viraday.

Not everyone who takes this drug will experience side effects but everyone who uses it should be monitored by their health care providers.

Do the benefits of Viraday outweigh the potential risks?

This is a discussion that each person must have with his or her health care provider. While a range of side effects are possible, many users enjoy a longer and healthier life with the use of this HIV treatment medication. Inhibiting the replication of the virus in the body offers benefits that may prevent the development of life threatening infections.

One of the greatest benefits of retroviral medications is that they assist the body in building more immune cells known as CD4+ cells. HIV destroys these vital cells and when the count becomes too low, AIDS can develop. Boosting CD4+ cells can stop the progression of HIV into AIDS. Although retrovirals do not kill or eliminate HIV, they interfere with the growth and replication of the disease which is a tremendous health benefit.

Many users report that they are living a healthier and more normal life through the use of this medication.

The importance of managing HIV through retro-viral medication

HIV infection kills immune fighting cells. Without the ability to ward off common bacteria and viruses, a small infection that would otherwise be harmless can quickly become chronic or fatal.

The use of retroviral drugs gives the immune system the extra boost that it needs to rebound and protect the body from invading germs more efficiently. It can mean the difference between a healthier life or a shorter one. Viraday contains three retroviral drugs that each work in a specific way to block HIV damage. The formulation is effective for the control and management of this condition.


HIV treatment costs are high and on the rise. Large pharmaceutical companies who have in the past had monopolies on effective HIV drugs have maintained prices which are beyond the reach of the uninsured, the under-insured and moderate to low income workers.

A patent on Atripla, the brand name drug for Viraday has prevented many other pharmaceutical companies for duplicating this effective formulation.

Thanks to the fact that the country of India is precluded from this patent law, the Cipla pharmaceutical company has had the freedom to develop Viraday, the generic of Atripla with the same formulation and strength legally. This company offers the HIV medication at a significant reduction in price.

HIV is a condition that once was outside of the expertise of the medical community with few options for treatment. Recent advances in medical science and pharmaceuticals have found real solutions to better manage the illness. HIV can now be managed with the use of retroviral drugs inhibit the replication of the virus in the human body.

The use of these drugs has given many people the option to live with HIV and still enjoy healthier, longer and happier lives. It can also slow the progression so some users will never develop AIDS.

Affordable HIV treatment is now within reach for the hundreds of thousands world-wide who had little hope of obtaining it.

Remember our Viraday cost is just $104.70 for a month's supply of 30 tablets. Users now have three effective HIV drugs combined into one tablet.

Not everyone can take this drug as it is known to interact with certain prescription, non-prescription and natural treatments. Certain health conditions including liver and kidney disease may make the risks too extreme to outweigh the benefits. Pregnant women are not eligible for this treatment as it poses a serious health risk for unborn babies.

For those who meet the health related criteria for taking this medication, there are tremendous benefits available.

Note: Buying Cipla Viraday from India through World Trust Pharmacy is only possible with a prescription written by a qualified health care professional.

For more information see :

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Viraday: Product information

US Brand nameATRIPLA
Strength600 MG/200MG/300MG
Delivery timeIN STOCK: 7 - 10 DAYS
Viraday cost


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