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Tenvir em vs Truvada

Tenvir EM vs Truvada advice
Tenvir EM vs Truvada
Isentress 400 mg needs a prescription

Buy TENVIR-EM online by Cipla

Tenvir-EM online is just


Tenvir-EM is a generic version of HIV drug Truvada.

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Tenvir-EM vs Truvada why choose us

Tenvir em vs Truvada - All you need to know


Tenvir EM vs Truvada is such a common and important topic, so we have created an essential guide to help clarify this.

Truvada and Tenvir-EM are two drugs that are categorized as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP for short.

Truvada is the brand name of this drug and is sold in pharmacies across the country.

Most people have to buy generic Truvada online, due the unaffordable cost of Truvada from most USA pharmacies. Tenvir-EM is one of the generic versions available for Truvada.

PrEP is a medication that prevents the contraction of HIV. It is most commonly prescribed to individuals who are at high risk for contraction, mainly gay men. PrEP is only prescribed to people who are healthy and do not have HIV.

Truvada has two main ingredients, Emtricitabine and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate.

However, the drug Tenvir-EM contains the exact same active ingredients and is referred to as the generic version of Truvada.

Pricing of Tenvir em vs Truvada

The price difference of Tenvir EM vs Truvada is drastic.

Across the United States, the average price for 30 tablets of Truvada is $1,564.09.

Tenvir-EM will sell for $99 for 30 tablets, on average. In the United States, this drug is roughly the same price no matter what pharmacy.

The World Trust Pharmacy has prices much lower than the average for both Truvada and generic Truvada (Tenvir-EM).

We sell Truvada brand by Abbott for $209.70 for 30 tablets. This saves over $1400 just for 1 months supply.

Tenvir-EM by Cipla costs only $59.70 for 30 tablets. For both drugs, World Trust Pharmacy has prices that are much lower than average.

Is Tenvir-EM as effective and safe as Truvada?

The short answer to this is Yes.

Tenvir-EM is produced by Cipla who have over 1 million people worldwide using their anti-retrovirals such as Tenvir-EM.

Truvada has FDA approval and Tenvir-EM has tentative FDA approval. Tenvir-EM cannot receive full approval as Truvada is still covered buy its patent protection.

The 'tentative' approval means it meets all efficacy, safety and strict manufacturing standards in the USA and means it will be available in USA pharmacies once the Truvada patent has expired.

So the generic emtricitabine/tenofovir Tenvir-EM by Cipla is equivalent to the brand name product Truvada by Gilead in terms of quality and safety standards.

Dosage for Tenvir EM vs Truvada

It is most common to take a dose of Truvada/Tenvir-EM daily. This dosing strategy is the only one that has been studied and approved using large trials, both in the United States and the United Kingdom. Smaller studies have been conducted where the dose is delivered on a schedule that is not daily- For example, taking a dose four days a week. Other studies have looked at taking Truvada/Tenvir-EM based on when you will be participating in sexual activity.

While these other dosing methods may work, the only guaranteed dosage is a daily schedule.

The dosing schedule of Tenvir-EM vs Truvada is the same.

The actual amount of medication in mg is specific to each patient. This is because factors such as kidney function and other medical treatments can have a large impact. Some patients may be instructed to take a tablet every other day due to their liver function.

Tablets in this medication have two numbers on them. Some common dosage examples are 200mg/300mg or 100mg/150mg. This refers to the two medications combined in Truvada/Tenvir-EM. The first number refers to Emtricitabine content and the second refers to Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate content.

Brands and Manufacturers for Tenvir-EM and Truvada

Truvada is the brand name of this medication. It is manufactured by Gilead Sciences Inc. Gilead Sciences is based out of Foster City, California and has been around since 1987. The main focus of Gilead Sciences is to create treatments and medications for diseases that do not have a treatment or medication. They work on cancer, inflammatory diseases, liver diseases, and HIV/AIDS. Truvada is one of their biggest breakthroughs, as it is the first HIV/AIDS prevention medication.

We also sell brand Truvada as manufactured by Abbott - India.

Tenvir-EM is the generic name for Truvada. Cipla Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of Tenvir-EM. Cipla is one of the top companies in India that deal with pharmaceuticals, especially generic prescription drugs.

Cipla does not sell any products online, which means that individual companies like World Trust Pharmacy sell Tenvir-EM after buying the product from Cipla.

Be wary of sellers that are not pharmacies. Not all Tenvir-EM online sales are legitimate.

In the case of manufacturers, Tenvir-EM vs Truvada is fairly equal. Both Gilead Sciences and Cipla Pharmaceuticals create a similar, high-quality product.

Side effects of Tenvir-EM and Truvada

The side effects of Tenvir-EM vs Truvada are the exact same as both drugs have the same chemicals and active ingredients.

One of the most serious potential side effects is lactic acidosis, which is when lactic acid builds up in the body, potentially leading to death. The side effects to look out for in relation to lactic acidosis are

  1. Muscle pain and weakness
  2. Numb or cold arms and legs
  3. Difficulty breathing
  4. Stomach pain
  5. Fast heart rate

Aside from lactic acidosis, some serious side effects include

  1. Rapid heart rate
  2. Difficulty with diarrhea or bladder/bowel control
  3. Problems with balance
  4. Prickly feeling in extremities
  5. Signs of liver failure (Jaundice, dark urine, stomach pain)

These side effects are very severe and require emergency medical attention.

Common and less serious side effects include

  1. Relocation of body fat
  2. Dizziness or a headache
  3. Mild nausea/stomach pain/diarrhea
  4. Strange dreams
  5. Depressed mood
  6. Mild itching or rash

Statistics and facts - Tenvir-EM vs Truvada

  1. The FDA approved Truvada in 2012 for usage in PrEP treatments
  2. If the pill is taken 7 days a week consistently, the estimated level of protection from HIV is 99%
  3. In the past four years, more than 79,000 people have started taking Truvada. This number comes from Gilead Sciences. Other researchers say the number is much higher, as Gilead Sciences did not do a complete comprehensive survey plus there are other manufacturers like Abbott also selling Truvada.
  4. It is difficult to get data on Tenvir-EM usage due to the drug being sold almost exclusively online
  5. The choice between Tenvir-EM vs Truvada often comes down to price and availability. Bear in mind that over 80% of all drugs prescribed in America are generic, so do not be put off by the much cheaper generics available.

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