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tenvir em dosage

TENVIR EM Dosage information

Tenvir-EM (Tenvir EM), which is a generic version of Truvada, is a tablet to be taken orally in a fixed dose as prescribed by your doctor.

Your Tenvir EM dosage must always be followed as prescribed by your doctor, but generally it is taken once a day with or without food. Ideally it would be taken at the same time each day.

Who should not take Tenvir-em?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Truvada or any generic versions of Truvada such as Tenvir-EM.

People who have kidney or liver disease should not use Tenvir-EM as the side effects of the drug could cause excessive kidney or liver damage that could prove fatal.

Also, anyone who has experienced allergies to the active ingredients in Tenvir-EM -- tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and emtricitabine – should not use Tenvir-EM.

If you have creatinine clearance of 30 to 49 ml/min

Because Tenovir (one of the ingredients) could cause renal impairment you should only take one tablet every 48 hours

If you have creatinine clearance of less than 30 ml/min

The recommendation is that you should not take Tenvir EM at all.

How to take Tenvir-EM

You should always take your prescription medications, including Tenvir EM, only as long and regularly as you doctor advises.  Your condition should be monitored during the time your at taking this medication.

Please don't suddenly stop taking your Tenvir-EM medication (unless recommended by your doctor) as this may increase the risk of HIV resistance.

 If you miss a dose of Tenvir-EM

Please take it as soon as you remember, unless it's time to take the next dose, in which case you must skip the dose you missed.

Never be tempted to take a double dose to catch up on your tenvir em dosage schedule.

What Is Tenvir-EM?

Tenvir-EM is a generic version of Truvada, a popular and highly-effective HIV preventive drug. It is available in tablet form.

Manufactured by the global pharmaceutical company Cipla, Tenvir-EM is available for sale in pharmacies around the world, as well as online via sites like ours.

It is not a cure for AIDS/HIV, but it helps to reduce the production and spread of the HIV virus.

How much does Tenvir-EM cost?

Our current cost of 30 Tenvir em tablets is only $89.70, about 95% cheaper than than brand Truvada. That’s a massive saving for anyone whose HIV treatment costs are not paid in full by their health insurance provider.

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Our generic Truvada price is $47 PER TABLET cheaper than the typical Truvada USA pharmacy price!

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