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Tips for buying online prescription drugs

Our tips for buying online prescription drugs should be should be followed when deciding where and how to buy your online prescription drugs.

Even if you decide not to buy from our site, we hope the information below will help you buy your online prescription drugs with confidence.


Even back in 2006, Americans spent more than 100 billion dollars on purchasing goods via the Internet. This is mainly due to lower online prices and buying online is simple, convenient and comfortable. You can now buy any prescription brand or generic drug where ever you have an internet connection available (our site is mobile phone friendly).

All you have to do is go to the online pharmacy, select and buy the prescription drug you need, fill in your personal details and make a payment.

For prescription only drugs you should also be asked for proof of your prescription prior to receiving your medications. It's fast and easy!

An online pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, meaning you can order your medications at any convenient time for you. You may also be allowed to purchase the cheaper generic equivalent of the brand drug. Generic drugs are identical in bio-equivalent quality to the branded version but are available at a much lower cost, potentially saving up to 90% off the brand price.

What credentials and accreditation should the website include?

1) Proof of a regulated pharmacy

» Look for a physical address of the pharmacy listed on the website, sometimes in the "About Us" section

» Look for toll free phone numbers, call them and ask to speak to a pharmacist to answer your questions and check prices

» Make sure the pharmacy requires a valid prescription from your doctor since many rogue websites do not require this

» Make sure the pharmacy requires a signed Patient Agreement/Medical Information History so that it can be used by the pharmacist to review your suitability to your prescription(s)

2) Proof of Site Security

The company must have live logos that can be clicked on to show that the site is secure for handling personal information and payment information. Personal information and payment details should also be encrypted via use of SSL certificates such as Comodo, Verisign, Thwate, GEO Trust etc - again look to click on these logos on the home page or shopping cart pages. The site address should have a picture of a padlock to the left of the webpage address to show it is SSL encrypted.

3) Prescription required before shipment

Your online pharmacy MUST state that they will only ship your medications if they have a valid prescription from you doctor. Not only is it very risky taking prescription drugs without a prescription, but it is also illegal!

If the online pharmacy does not review your order or request a prescription then STAY AWAY!

Which online pharmacy should I use to safely purchase prescription drugs?

If you have never purchased prescription drugs from an online pharmacy before, please take the time to pay attention to its design and the accreditations displayed on the main page.

How does it look, are the accreditation's real? Review the sections “Contacts Us” and/or “About us” and "Frequently asked questions" and make sure you are happy with the level of detail provided. If there are no accreditation's or reviews, no phone numbers or addresses and the site doesn't fill you with confidence then do not purchase from it!

Always call the available phone number to make sure it is right and that someone is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Permanent voicemail and feedback form: If instead of information about the company you only find a feedback form or the phone numbers are permanently on voicemail — do not trust this online store.

What if a generic drug is proposed to you instead of the brand?

If you ordered with the online drug pharmacy, for example generic Abilify, then do not be surprised to receive medications with a different name i.e the generic version. Generic drugs are bio-equivalent (made of the same active chemical elements) as their branded name, but it is just named differently and will look different.

However, if your prescription states that you must have the brand version and does not allow the generic then the online pharmacy should not allow you to receive a generic. If you want the much cheaper generic equivalent of the brand version then you can ask your doctor to allow this on the prescription.

Do not trust an online store that allows you to have a generic drug even if the prescription does not allow it.

Who manufacturers generic drugs?

Make sure you first know the manufacturers of the prescription drugs that you intend to purchase. For example on our website (unlike many of our competitors) we will tell you the name and country of the manufacturer supplying you the drug. All our drugs are supplied from most of the top brand drug and generic drug manufacturers around the world.

Most generic drugs consumed in America are now manufactured outside America due to the lower costs of production that can then be passed onto you. You'll find most generic drugs are manufactured in Asia (mainly India) but pass the same strict controls as imposed by the FDA.

India now has the highest number of FDA approved manufacturing sites outside America (over 200).

Do not trust any online pharmacy that does not tell you who makes the drug or which country it is supplied from.

For more information about generic drugs please visit our Generic Drug Information Center where you will find a wealth of essential information about generic drugs.

How much should high quality prescription drugs online cost?

If you find an online pharmacy where prices are considerably lower than all the other competitors - do not rush to make a purchase and instead further investigate:

1. All their contact us details and try and speak to someone

2. If their site is encrypted (https: with padlock symbol to the left of the url)

3. That they require a valid prescription before your order is submitted.

If your investigation fails on the above, most probably you will receive poor quality prescription medications (even fake or illegal) and you may lose your money, so AVOID.

Why are there such price differences between brand and generic drugs?

Testing, manufacturing, research and advertising generics is substantially less expensive than doing the same with brand-name medications, that's why generics are always cheaper!

A generic can cost 10, 20 or even 50 times lower than its equivalent branded drug. That's why you should compare one generic equivalent against another generic equivalent for the same brand name drug.

Please do not be put off by the lower price generics from India - they are bio-equivalent to the brand name equivalent sold in American but can be up to 90% cheaper.

Safety and privacy of your data

It is extremely important to know that your chosen online drug store adheres to all the relevant government and online security and privacy policies. Make sure of that by going through the section “Privacy Policy”. If there is no Privacy Policy then leave the site well alone.

On poor sites which do not care about their visitors and their privacy, everything can happen, including the disclosure of confidential information to other companies . This could mean your credit card data is illegally passed on and used for fraudulent purposes.

Only disclose your personal data when you intend to purchase prescription drugs on secure pages where you can see the protocol https (SSL) on the address line and not the protocol http.

If you're invited to input your credit card details on a non secure page (page with the protocol http), please kindly refuse to purchase from that site.

Please refer to our 'Privacy Policy' section to see how seriously we take the privacy of your data.

Discounts and offers available when purchasing prescription drugs online

When deciding where to purchase a drug on the Internet, you should be able to find a site that offers many customer incentives such as loyalty discounts, free shipping and discounts on future purchases. In the long term these discounts could help you cut your healthcare costs significantly.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $150 and provide a 28 business day delivery guarantee and 100% Money back guarantee.

If the site offers no customer incentives or discounts then move on!

Hope you enjoyed our tips for buying online prescription drugs.

For an excellent overview of buying generic prescription drugs, please read Consumer Reports Shoppers Guide to Generic Drugs.


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