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Entecavir price from India - 0.5 mg and 1 mg

Our Entecavir price is at least 80% cheaper than Baraclude

Entecavir 1mg price
Entecavir 0.5 mg price
Brand nameBaraclude
ManufacturerCipla (Labelled as Entavir)
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Entavir 1mg (Entecavir)
Entavir 0.5mg Entecavir price

Our prices are at least $45 per tablet cheaper than the typical Baraclude price in the USA

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Entecavir and Baraclude price comparison

The average USA pharmacy Baraclude price is around $49 a tablet, which is around $45 a tablet more than Entecavir. This means choosing Entecavir could save you $1200 a month.

Entecavir 0.5 mg price in India

USA customers can benefit from a low ENTECAVIR generic price in India for 0.5 mg from $2.99 a tablet - labelled as Entavir from Cipla. This is much lower than any American pharmacy price, due to much lower labor, development and marketing costs in India, together with the price regulations in place in America.

Entecavir 1mg price in India

USA customers can also benefit from a low Entecavir 1mg price in India from only $4.49 per tablet of Entavir from Cipla. This is our lowest Entecavir generic price for 1 mg.

We have tried to ensure our entecavir price in the USA is one of the lowest you will find from a legitimate pharmacy. If you have found it cheaper elsewhere please let us know as we may be able to match or beat it.

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What is Entecavir?

ENTECAVIR (brand name Baraclude) is a prescription drug that is used treat chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) in adults and children 2 years of age and older who have active liver disease.

ENTECAVIR may help lower the amount of HBV in the body and lower the ability of HBV to multiply and infect new liver cells. As a result ENTECAVIR may help improve the condition of your liver.

- ENTECAVIR will not cure HBV.
- ENTECAVIR may lower the amount of HBV in the body.
- ENTECAVIR may lower the ability of HBV to multiply and infect new liver cells.
- ENTECAVIR may improve the condition of your liver.
- It is not known whether ENTECAVIR will reduce your chances of getting liver cancer or liver damage (cirrhosis), which may be caused by chronic HBV infection.
- It is not known if ENTECAVIR is safe and effective for use in children.

Before taking ENTECAVIR

Some medicines are not suitable for people with certain conditions, and sometimes a medicine can only be used if extra care is taken.

For these reasons, before you start taking entecavir it is important that your doctor knows:

- If you are pregnant, trying for a baby, or breast-feeding.

- If you have a problem with the way your kidneys work.

- If you know you are also infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

- If you are taking any other medicines. This includes any medicines you are taking which are available to buy without a prescription, as well as herbal and complementary medicines.

- If you have ever had an allergic reaction to a medicine.

How to take ENTECAVIR

  • Not all patients need to take the same dose of ENTECAVIR.
  • Always take this medicine exactly as your doctor has told you. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
  • The recommended dose is either 0.5 mg or 1 mg once daily orally (by mouth). Your dose will depend on:

o the condition of your liver
o whether you have been treated for HBV infection before, and what medicine you received

o whether you have kidney problems. Your doctor may prescribe a lower dose for you or instruct you to take it less often than once a day.

How to get the most out of your entecavir treatment

  1. Always keep your regular appointments with your doctor so that your progress can be monitored. You are likely to need regular blood tests to check how well the medicine is working for you, and also to see how well your liver is working.
  2. You must avoid getting pregnant while you are taking entecavir. Make sure you have discussed with your doctor which types of contraception are suitable for you.
  3. If you buy any medicines or remedies 'over the counter', check with a pharmacist that they are suitable to take with entecavir and your other medicines.
  4. If you are having an operation or dental treatment, tell the person carrying out the treatment which medicines you are taking.
  5. It is important that you continue to take entecavir regularly. Treatment for hepatitis B can be long-term. Continue to take it until you are advised otherwise, even if you feel well.
  6. Treatment with entecavir does not stop you from passing the infection on to others through sexual contact, sharing needles to inject drugs, or from mother to baby. A vaccine is available which protects against hepatitis B and can be offered to your sexual and household contacts who are at risk of being infected.
  7. Do not have sex with anyone (especially any sex without using a condom) until they have been fully immunised and have had their blood checked to see that the immunisation has worked.
  8. Most people with chronic hepatitis B will be advised to eat a normal healthy balanced diet. However, it is likely you will be advised not to drink alcohol. Alcohol will increase the risk and speed of you developing liver damage.
  9. Medicines similar to entecavir have been associated with a serious side-effect in a few people. This is known as lactic acidosis. It is a problem where there is too much lactic acid in the blood. Although this has occurred in only a very few people, you must let your doctor know straightaway if you develop the symptoms listed below.

Potential side effects

Along with their useful effects, most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects although not everyone experiences them. Thelist below contains some of the more common ones associated with entecavir.

The best place to find a full list of the side-effects which can be associated with your medicine, is from the manufacturer's printed information leaflet supplied with the medicine.

Alternatively, you can find an example of a manufacturer's information leaflet in the reference section below. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist if you develop any side-effects. This is because some of the common side-effects of entecavir are similar to the symptoms of lactic acidosis - a much less common but more serious problem.

Feeling or being sick, indigestion - If so, Stick to simple meals - avoid fatty or spicyfood. If it continues, speak with your doctor

Diarrhoea - If so, drink plenty of water to replace lost fluids

Feeling dizzy, tired, or weak - If so, Do not drive and do not use tools or machines while affected. If this continues, speak with your doctor

Headache - Ask your doctor or pharmacist to recommend a suitable painkiller

Problems sleeping - If troublesome, speak with your doctor

Changes to some blood tests - Your doctor will check for these

Your doctor will discuss with you the possibility of this medicine causing a problem called lactic acidosis.

Let your doctor know straightaway if you develop the following symptoms: Feeling or being sick, tummy pain, loss of appetite, loss of weight, feeling weak or dizzy, and fast or gasping breathing.

If you experience any other symptoms which you think may be due to the medicine, speak with your doctor or pharmacist for further advice

Further advice

  1. Your doctor will advise you on the dose that is right for you. Always take the dose recommended by your doctor to ensure that your medicine is fully effective and to reduce the development of resistance to treatment.
  2. Take ENTECAVIR as long as your doctor has told you. Your doctor will tell you if and when you should stop the treatment.
  3. Some patients must take ENTECAVIR on an empty stomach. If your doctor instructs you to take ENTECAVIR on an empty stomach, empty stomach means at least 2 hours after a meal and at least 2 hours before your next meal.
  4. If you take more ENTECAVIR than you should, contact your doctor at once.
  5. If you forget to take ENTECAVIR, It is important that you do not miss any doses. If you miss a dose of ENTECAVIR, take it as soon as possible, and then take your next scheduled dose at its regular time. If it is almost time for your next dose, do not take the missed dose. Wait and take the next dose at the regular time. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.
  6. When your supply of ENTECAVIR starts to run low, call your healthcare provider or pharmacy for a refill. Do not run out of ENTECAVIR.
  7. Do not stop ENTECAVIR without your doctor's advice.
  8. Some people get very serious hepatitis symptoms when they stop taking ENTECAVIR. Tell your doctor immediately about any changes in symptoms that you notice after stopping treatment.
  9. If you have any further questions on the use of this medicine, please ask your doctor

Please note the product image above is for display purposes only as the packaging you receive may look slightly different due to changes in this manufacturers branding and marketing.

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ENTECAVIR : Further product information

Generic nameENTECAVIR
Strength0.5 MG or 1 MG
Delivery time7- 10 DAYS
AvailabilityIN STOCK
Patient Information LeafletENTECAVIR PATIENT INFO PDF

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Further notes

Please be aware that the content on this page is an educational aid only and is not meant to be medical or pharmaceutical advice. The content on this page is not designed to advise on all potential uses, interactions, directions, warnings, precautions, side effects, drug interactions or allergic reactions etc.  Contact your healthcare professional if you have any questions regarding this medication.

You must keep this medication out of reach of children and pets and only order and take this medication in accordance with the advice stated via your primary health care professional and prescription.

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Our Entecavir price is at least 80% cheaper than Baraclude

Entecavir 1mg price
Entecavir 0.5 mg price


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