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Drug recall policy

All about our prescription drug recall policy

What is a drug recall policy?

A prescription drug recall happens if a prescription medicine is removed from the market when it is found to be either defective or potentially harmful. Sometimes the FDA, manufacturers or suppliers of the drug will discover a problem with a drug and voluntarily recall it.

A drug recall policy are the procedures that a company/pharmacy enforces and follows when they are aware of a drug recall in force.

How does World Trust Pharmacy deal with drug recalls?

Unlike the majority of online pharmacies, World Trust Pharmacy will pro-actively monitor for drug recall notices from the FDA, drug manufacturers and suppliers.

If we receive a notice of a drug recall, World Trust Pharmacy will act as follows:

Pharmacy stock checking

Within 24 hours of receiving a drug recall notice, World Trust Pharmacy shall:

» Check if our current product list is impacted by the recall

» Check all pending purchase orders to confirm that the expiry dates and lot numbers are only for non-recalled product(s)

» Check all purchase orders within the last 3 months or within the time frame noted on the recall notice to determine if World Trust Pharmacy previously sold the product that has now been recalled

Quarantine of recalled drug

If World Trust Pharmacy has any recalled product, it shall be removed immediately from our website, inventory and placed in a designated "Quarantine" area.

The recalled product shall then be returned to the manufacturer or supplier. A drug recall policy is designed to protect customers, however please note it is the manufacturers or governing bodies (such as the FDA) that request drug recalls.

What if you have received a product that is subject to a recall?

When we are informed of a recalled product that has been sold by World Trust Pharmacy, we shall prepare a list of customers who have received the recalled product. World Trust Pharmacy will then alert those patients by phone, voicemail and email.

We will then provide you with information on how to return the recalled product.

Some tips to consider if one of your drugs is recalled:

» Don't panic. Remember that most drug recalls are for minor issues.

» Be safe. If you notice anything unusual about your medication or its packaging, such as strange smell, tampering or contamination, notify World Trust Pharmacy before taking it, regardless of whether the drug has been recalled.

» Speak to World Trust Pharmacy. We will advise on what to do with the product and potential replacements. We take our drug recall policy seriously.

» Safely discard recalled drugs. Even if you may not be currently taking the medication, check your medicine cabinet for the recalled product and follow World Trust Pharmacy instructions to send it back.

» Learn more about the recall. To find out more about drug recalls, visit the FDA recall web site. You can also sign up to receive product recall alerts and market withdrawals.

» Learn more about drug product recalls

To find out more about drug product recalls, we recommend one of the best online Medical sites, WebMD


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