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Cipla Viraday tablets use and price

Cipla Viraday tablets from World Trust Pharmacy
Viraday tablets by Cipla

Cipla Viraday tablets

Cipla Viraday tablets are the generic version of Atripla and are used with other medicines to treat HIV

USD Price
1 month supply$104.70 (30 tablets)
Brand nameAtripla
Generic nameEfavirenz; Emtricitabine; Tenofovir
Strength600 mg/200 mg/300 mg
FREE guaranteed tracked delivery7 - 12 days worldwide
AvailabilityIn stock (Prescription required)


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Cipla Viraday tablet (x30) prices compared to the prices of Atripla from major US pharmacies are shown below:

PharmacyOur Price
World Trust Pharmacy   $104.70
Target CVS$2,615.20

Prices from Goodrx - 11th May 2017

Cipla Viraday Tablets - Product Information

The Cipla Pharmaceutical company offers Viraday, a generic form of the HIV treatment drug Atripla.

Viraday is now available online at a massive discount compared to the cost of brand Atripla offered by other pharmacies.

A single Viraday tab offers a powerful combination of three effective antoretrovial drugs together in single tablet form. When taken every day, this tablet may prevent HIV-1 from mutating and replicating in adults, increasing the odds of living a longer, healthier life without the complication of AIDS.

Viraday tablets use

Viraday Cipla tablets are used to treat HIV infected patients who have received other forms of HIV treatments already. It is recommended for people who have had a positive response to the other medications prescribed by their health care providers.

This medication may be used as a co-treatment along with other HIV medications, or as a stand-alone therapy. This drug should be taken daily in the recommended daily dosage for maximum effectiveness. Exceeding dosaging recommendations may result in complications and the need for emergency medical intervention due to toxicity.

Is Viraday effective? How Viraday works for HIV treatment

HIV is a viral infection that replicates within the body, spreading through the cellular network. The virus attacks CD4+ immune cells in the body. These cells are used to fight off infections. When CD4+ cells are impaired they are less effective in fighting off common infections. Infections which would otherwise be less harmful may become life threatening because of impaired immune function due to HIV. Low levels of immune cells may result in the development of auto immune deficiency syndome (AIDS).

This medication slows the replication and spread of the virus and increases the numbers of CD4+ cells. This allows for recovery of the immune system and a slowing of the progression of the virus.

Viraday composition

Each tablet contains Efavirenz (600 mg), tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (200 mg) and emtricitabine (300 mg). These three drugs are effective in treating retroviruses also known and RNA viruses and are more effective in their combined form. RT, also known as reverse transcriptase is an enzyme found within the HIV virus that is necessary for it to replicate. Efavirenze inhibits RT early in the process so it is blocked before it can assist the virus in the replication process. Emitricitabine and Tenofovir blocks the transcription process of the virus and interrupts the chain that is required for growth.

Each component has its specific function in slowing the replication process and lessens the amount of virus in the human system. This medication does not fully prevent the spread of viral infection to other cells nor does it kill the virus in cells already infected, but does inhibit growth.

Viraday dosage

Viraday dosage is recommended for adults who are over the age of 18 years at one tablet taken once per day, one hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. It should be taken with a glass of water which may reduce problems with side effects.

Patients who experience gastrointestinal irritation or discomfort may improve the condition by taking the once daily dose just prior to bedtime and on an empty stomach. Food increases the rate of absorption of the ingredient efavirenz. This enhances the odds of having side effects so it's best to stay within the recommended guidelines for dosing conditions. The dosage amount is fixed so there will be no need for dosage adjustment.

The tablet should not be chewed, broken or crushed. It should be swallowed whole. Try to take this medication at the same time every day.

How long should Viraday be taken for?

The duration of treatment should continue on a regular daily basis for the length of time that your health care provider recommends. This should include the monitoring of your health condition by a qualified health care professional.

Suddenly stopping the course of this treatment could increase the risk of HIV resistance and is not recommended unless advised by your doctor.

Your physician may discontinue treatment if certain serious medical conditions develop while taking this drug. These include those that may be a result of taking this medication and those which may develop independently.

How fast will Viraday raise my CD4+ count?

Each person is different and so the effectiveness and rapidity of this treatment will vary from person to person. Some respond to the drug quickly and the immune cell count rises within a few weeks to a few months. For others it could take up to a year or several years. There is no way to predict how your body will respond as the speed of immune cell recovery differs from person to person.

Cipla Viraday side effects

As with any drug or medication, this medication may result in unpleasant side effects. The most common Cipla Viraday side effects include: dizziness, headache, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues such as stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea and constipation.

Other reported side effects include hot flushes, anorexia, depression, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, nightmares and abnormal dreams.

Other potential side effects include the development of lactic acidosis. This condition arises when excessive amount of acid collect in the blood because of liver damage. Monitoring is important to watch for this serious issue as it may result in kidney failure, liver failure or pancreatitis which are life threatening health conditions. Lactic acidosis has also been reported with the use of Viraday tablets.

Early symptoms include weight loss, weakness of motor skills, gastrointestinal issues including vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, difficulty breathing and low appetite.

For more information regarding Cipla Viraday side effects, please check out the link to the Cipla patient information leaflet at the bottom of this page.

Long term use

Some physical changes have been noted with the extended use of this drug including changes in weight and fat distribution as well as bone structure. Short term side effects may lessen or go away with continued use. Always check with your physician for assessment and further recommendations.

In addition, Viraday may cause nervous system symptoms or a rash. Other side effects have also been reported. If you notice any changes while taking this medication, consult with your health care provider immediately.

Can everyone take Viraday?

This medicine is recommended for adults age 18 and over who have tested positive for the HIV virus. Certain individuals with HIV infection should not use this medication and this includes those who are: allergic to any of the ingredients found in Viraday, are pregnant or breast feeding a baby, have hepatitis B, liver or kidney disease, those with one diseases, convulsions, mental illness such as depression or those who take medications that may interact with this medication.

Persons who have any of the above mentioned conditions should consult with their health care provider to discuss the pros and cons of using this medicine. Under some conditions, your doctor may decide that the benefits of taking this medicine outweigh the potential risks.

Contraindications of Viraday use

Osteoporosis and other bone diseases may worsen with the use of Viraday. There is a risk of drug interaction with pimozide, bepridil, cafergot, cisapride, midazolam, traizolam, voriconazole, itraconazole, phenobarbital, clarithromycin rifampicin, simvastatin, warfarin, carbamazepine, phenytoin, sertraline, lidtiazem and oral contraceptives. St. John's Wort, a popular herbal remedy may also interact with Viraday.

If you have any medical conditions for which you are currently taking prescription or non-prescription treatments for, make sure that it is safe to use with this medication.

Your physician or pharmacist are reliable professional resources. Also consult with your physician if you are taking the same or other retrovirals.

The importance of physician consultation for combining drug therapies

While the combination of some prescription, non-prescription or herbal treatments may become lethal, there are other reasons to obtain a professional opinion about whether or not to take this medication with other drugs. Some may cause unpleasant side effects that can be avoided. Your physician may recommend Viraday and switch your other medications to compensate.

Some drugs and herbal preparations, including St. John's Work reduce the effectiveness of this medication and retrovirals and cause the HIV virus to build an immunity to the treatments.

It's always best to be on the safe side and get a consultation before adding any new treatment to your regimen.

What happens if you miss a dose?

If you forget to take your daily dose of Viraday, it may be taken upon remembering if it is less than 12 hours from the time that you were scheduled to take it. If it is too close to the next scheduled dose, skip the dose. Avoid taking a double dose to catch up. If you accidentally take two doses, seek emergency medical evaluation and if necessary, treatment.

Overdosing on this medication may lead to a build-up of toxicity in your body and may require medical intervention.

Storing Viraday

Keep this medication stored in a dry and cool location. This medication must be kept out of the reach of small children. This medication may be obtained in child-proof containers upon request.

Viraday Cipla price

Our Viraday Cipla price is now only $3.49 per tablet. This is a significant saving when compared with the cost from most other pharmacies around the world. You should be able to find Viraday for about 95% less than the cost of Atripla. Find out more about why our Viraday cost is so low.

Viraday vs Atripla - Generic vs name brand Atripla 

Many patients ask this question. Are generics as effective as name brand HIV treatments? When it comes to Viraday vs Atripla, the answer is yes. The generic is the same formulation as the name brand in this case.

Atripla is widely available at a much higher cost than Cipla’s Viraday. The reason for this is that Atripla is protected under US patents which prevent most other countries from manufacturing it. The patent restriction has not been applied to the country of India.

The Cipla Pharmaceutical company is therefore allowed to legally manufacture and distribute Atripla under the generic name of Viraday. They are able to produce the same drug at a discounted price and offer it for sale world-wide with no patent infringement.

It is the same strength and contains exactly the same compounds. The only differences are the country of manufacture, the pharmaceutical company, the name and of course the pricing.

Viraday vs Atripla Summary

Viraday is a treatment that has shown promise in slowing the progression of the HIV virus into AIDS. It is a powerful combination of three drugs which are widely used to treat HIV, in one convenient tablet. Although there are risks for a range of side effects ranging from mild to severe, it is a viable option that can help to preserve the health, length and quality of life for people infected with HIV. Not everyone who takes this drug will experience serious side effects. Each person is different and the results may vary.

Viraday does not kill the HIV virus, nor does it prevent it from infecting other cells, but it decreases the amount of virus that can replicate and exist within the body of the user.

Thanks to the Cipla pharmaceutical company, Viraday, the generic form of Atripla, is an identical treatment that is less costly than its name brand counterpart. While some companies charge prices which put their products out of the reach of the average wage earner, Cipla has developed an affordable alternative.

Viraday is not as highly available as Atripla, but it is now being offered as a cost effective treatment around the world, legally with no patent infringements. Buying Viraday from Cipla India is a less expensive way to gain life preserving treatment which makes it affordable to a higher segment of the population.

When taken at the recommended doses, Viraday has shown great promise in allowing people who are infected with HIV to live their lives in better health, for longer and without developing AIDS as a result of a low CD4+ immune cell count.

Viraday is the solution that allows the immune system to rebound and provide greater protection from infections that could otherwise become life threatening. The genius of the formulation combines three of the top HIV treatment compounds and puts them in one pill.

Please visit a definitive guide to Atripa vs Viraday for more detailed comparisons.

Talk to your health care provider about Viraday as a stand alone or co-treatment for HIV. Discuss the potential benefits for your unique health care situation.

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Viraday tablets: Extra Product information

US Brand nameATRIPLA
Strength600 MG / 200 MG / 300 MG
ManufacturerVIRADAY - CIPLA
Delivery timeIN STOCK: 7 - 10 DAYS
Viraday USD Price


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