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Are prescription drugs from India safe? Brand and generics

Are prescription drugs from India safe?

Key facts about prescription drugs made in India

  1. Over 9 million Americans buy their prescription drugs overseas every year!
  2. India’s pharmaceutical industry supplies 40% of over-the-counter and generic prescription drugs consumed in the United States, so the increased scrutiny could have profound implications for American consumers
  3. India is now the worlds largest provider of generic medications with a 20% market share (and growing)
  4. 88% of all prescription drugs prescribed in America are for generics

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Drugs from India - are they really safe?

You've probably come to this page as you've heard that you can save a massive amount on your healthcare costs by buying prescription drugs from overseas pharmacies, such as from India.

Whilst this is certainly true, let us explain some essential points you need to be aware of.

First of all,

We are very proud of this fact:

Since our launch, we have not had one customer refund request. Zero!

This includes USA customers buying Indian sourced drugs (brand and generics), such as anti-cancer, HIV drugs and ED drugs.

Examples include Glivec (Gleevec), Eliquis, Truvada (Tenvir-EM), Atripla (Viraday), and hundreds more.

More importantly,

  1. The vast majority of prescription drugs are now made outside the U.S, with India being the 2nd biggest exporter with 20% market share.
  2.  Most of the active ingredients for prescription drugs are also imported from India and other overseas nations.
  3. Some drugs approved in America are either fully manufactured overseas, or have some of the ingredients imported from overseas.

Whats the real story?

Given that there are now over 520 India pharmaceutical manufacturers making products for the American market, it is unfortunate that a small handful of these (whose drugs we do not sell) have fallen foul of various FDA inspections for specific drugs.

However, the FDA also reports pharma companies from the USA and other countries so the issue is not just linked to India.

Many officials would like to see a regulatory system in India that looks more like the European Union, where the central European Medicines Agency oversees the 28 member state regulatory framework.

Last year a report from New Delhi found that medicines from India were found to be safe and effective, after a year-long health ministry survey tested around 50,000 drug samples across India.

The Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) stated that

"What has come out in the survey is that the extent of not-of-standard-quality drugs in India is lesser than the not-of-standard-quality drugs elsewhere in the world. The largely held perception circulating and magnified many times over that India is one of the (biggest) producers of substandard quality of drugs has proven to be wrong,"

In an ideal world this investigation would be done by an independent foreign body to ensure complete impartiality of the testing and results - but who would that be?

What is being done by the FDA to improve the safety of prescription drugs from abroad?

All drugs approved in the U.S.A, regardless of which country they were made, must be in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

This ensures that drugs meet strict manufacturing standards to assure quality and product label requirements.

The FDA also help ensure drug safety as listed below:

  1. The FDA is working on a major research programme with academic institutions, whose main purpose is to improve the availability and safety of U.S. generic drugs
  2. Their Globalization Initiative Programme helps ensures imported drugs are as effective and safe as those products made in America.
  3. The FDA continues to deploy more inspectors in those developing countries supplying more of the worlds medicine (such as India), to ensure they are following Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  4. The agency is also working closer with all the relevant regulatory counterparts in these countries.
  5. The FDA routinely sample and tests drugs from manufacturing sites, retail outlets and wholesale distributors, the results of which help drive further drug safety regulations, education and surveillance.
  6. The FDA also monitors and evaluates complaints from doctor,nurses and consumers and drug defect reports to ensure drug recalls and improved safety.

So are prescription drugs from India really safe?

In general yes, otherwise:

  1. Millions of people around the world (including America) wouldn't be buying medicines manufactured in India
  2. USA pharma manufacturers would not be importing their drugs active ingredients from India.
  3. We wouldn't be selling them! Most of our best selling drugs are from India - e.g. Viraday Cipla Tablets and Tenvir-EM Cipla tablets

Why are prescription drugs from India so much cheaper than prescription drugs made in USA?

We frequently have chats and emails with our customers who understandably ask why our prices are so low compared to what they are currently paying.

They think surely the medication from India cannot be genuine or as effective as their USA counterpart.

The answer is simple. 

Firstly, our products are all 100% genuine.

The reason they are so cheap is because they are manufactured and sold by the Indian pharmaceutical companies for the local Indian market.

We therefore pass these savings on to our worldwide customers including the United States.

Is the cheaper India version as effective as the USA version?

Many of the brand medications have the same manufacturer in the USA and India (e.g. Novartis Gleevec/Glivec) and we just source from their Indian divisions to keep our prices low.

Also please remember the same prescription drug from the USA and India has the same active ingredients.

This ensures they are therapeutically equivalent (the same applies to a brand or generic version).

However, we also understand peoples concerns about not trusting the cheap brand and generic versions produced in India, even if they are the same as their counterparts manufactured in the USA.

Always remember to make sure the online drugs you buy are from a legitimate pharmacy that always requests a valid prescription for your prescription drugs and does not sell fake or controlled drugs!

Even if you decide not to purchase from our site, good luck with your search for cheaper medication, but be careful!

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