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Atripla generic cost - buy online

The Atripla generic costs around 95% less than Atripla

Artripla generic cost (VIRADAY)
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USA Brand nameAtripla
Generic nameEfavirenz / Emtricitabine / Tenofovir
Strength600 mg / 200 mg / 300 mg
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Atripla generic is Viraday

Our generic Atripla price for 30 tablets compared to the price of Atripla from major US pharmacies is shown below:

PharmacyOur Price
World Trust Pharmacy   $104.70
Target CVS$2,615.20

Prices from Goodrx June 2017

What is the Atripla generic name ?

The generic Atripla name from India is Viraday. Most HIV patients are required to take three pills or more a day to stay healthy, with Viraday that changes. It combines the three HIV drugs all into one.

This combination gives users the advantage of taking one pill a day instead of three. The combination is made of these three anti-HIV drugs; Efavirenz (600 mg), Tenofovir (300 mg), and Emtricitabine (200mg).

The purpose of this combination is to prevent HIV-1 from replicating and mutating in adults. It works by helping to create more CD4+ cells which HIV is attempting to get rid of. The medication also helps to slow down the rate at which replication and spread of the HIV virus. This increases the odds of a users life to become extended, it also leads to an increase in odds of a healthier life without the combination of AIDS, when taken daily.

How much can you save?

Every case is different in pricing due to location, access, and other factors. The one thing that remains consistent is that the generic version costs significantly less than the name brand Atripla.

Online drug comparison sites can also help compare pricing for you.

Talk to your doctor before switching to make sure the generic version is right for you. Depending on where you live you can save hundreds of dollars each month. Think of what you can do with an extra couple of hundred dollars each month!

Cost saving benefit

Now that you understand the benefits of buying generic drugs compared to the name brand drugs, you need to start looking into companies that can help you save money.

Buying from our website is the best way to save hundreds of dollars and still receive the same quality customer service and treatment.

Our generic brand sells for just $3.49 a tablet. That's only $104.70 a month! Compared to buying Atripla from the USA, you are saving over $80 per tablet, that is $80 a day!

For further information, check out our definitive Viraday guide.

Atripla cost vs Viraday differences explained

The main reasons for cost differences involves the patenting behind the name brand. Atripla's patent prevents other countries from manufacturing it, where as in India they can make the generic version for consumers to buy without complications from the patent.

The company which makes the generic version Viraday, Cipla, can now sell their product to consumers at extremely low India prices. This does not infringe the patent and allows them to continue to sell the generic brand at cheaper prices. Although the names and countries of manufacture are different, the formulas are the same.

Do not let the generic name fool you, talk to your doctor today about switching to the generic version and start saving money. Check out our site today to see how much you can save today.

When will generic Atripla be available in the USA ?

Atripla was approved by the FDA in July 2006. The first patent of the 3 active ingredients will expire in January 2018 - so that is the earliest date that it will be dispensed in the USA, however it is most likely to be much longer than this.

We sell Viraday - a generic version of Atripla, manufactured by Cipla, approved in 2006 and is available for worldwide shipping.

The most concise document explaining this is at

How is it used?

It is used to treat patients who have already received other forms of treatment for HIV. It works best for people who have already had positive responses to other medications previously prescribed by their doctors. It can be used as the only treatment for patients or as a co-treatment with other HIV medications prescribed by your health care professionals.

Like other prescription drugs, dosage should be followed exactly, as over dosage and under dosage will not give the desired results, and can result in complications which require medical attention. Toxicity can become dangerous with over dosage.

Typical Usage

Viraday is recommended to be taken, as a tablet, daily. Users increase toxicity risks and other health complications if dosage if not followed correctly.

It is recommended for users over the age of 18 to take once, daily.

Although recommended for adults, children aged 12 and over can take the generic version as well. Children must be 12 years old and weigh approximately eighty-eight pounds, adult age is recommended for the best results to be shown.

Results vary by individual as everyone's body is different. It should be taken either two hours after, or one hour before a meal.

To reduce side effects, the tablet should be taken with a full glass of water. Taking food with the tablet helps to reduce side effects, because food increases the rate of absorption of the ingredients in Efavirenz (one of the three drugs in Viraday).

In some cases, users who experience gastrointestinal irritation or discomfort regularly, may improve the condition by taking the once daily dose just prior to bedtime and on an empty stomach. This is only for patients who experience this condition, talk to your healthcare physician today to see what special requirements you should follow.

The dosage amount is created so there will not need to be a dosage adjustment. Follow your dosage amount precisely. The tablet should never be chewed, broken or crushed. It was created to be swallowed whole.

Another factor to consider is to try to take this medication at the same time every day. This will help to increase the results of the medication. You should continue to take Viraday until recommended not to by your doctor or healthcare provider.

If discontinuation occurs without consent from your healthcare provider, serious medical conditions may occur. This can also lead to an increase of HIV resistance. Seek medical advice before discontinuing medication.

How long should it be taken for?

The duration of your treatment should continue on a regular daily basis for the length of time that your doctor recommends for you. This should include the monitoring of your health condition by a qualified health care professional. Without medical help, results may not be as effective.

Suddenly stopping the course of this treatment could increase the risk of HIV resistance and is not recommended unless advised by your doctor. Serious complications can occur is not followed correctly.

Your doctor may discontinue treatment if certain serious medical conditions develop while on this treatment. These serious medical conditions include those that may be a result of taking this medication (such as side effects) and those which may develop independently during usage.

To receive the best results while taking our generic medication follow dosage and your doctor's instructions precisely.

Does Viraday work?

The results vary depending on the users. When dosage requirements are met the success rates increase. As when using other generics, saving money is not the only benefit.

Studies have shown that taking Viraday (the generic version) compared to Atipla (the brand name) has the same results. They both contain Efavirenz (600 mg), Emtricitabine (200 mg), and Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate also know as Tenofovir disoproxil (245 mg).

The formula make up is exactly the same for both drugs, yet one cost significantly less than the other. In some cases you can save up to 95% by using the generic which has the same ingredients as the name brand does. Our online pharmacy can help you start saving money today, just send in your prescription to get started.

We also have a full page dedicated to Viraday vs Atripla.


One review from a Viraday user describes that Atripla was not helping to increase her numbers enough and was costing her $1,700 a month. After switching to the generic version, the patient's numbers increases tremendously and her prescription now costs only $350 a month!

Another review explains how a patient would not switch from generic to brand name, even though they were told Atripa would reduce one of the side effects they were experiencing with Viraday. The success rates of Atripla compared to it's generic version are literally the same.

A third review explains how she switched to save money and her results are so good they appeared normal on one of her tests. This goes to show that the generic version is just as effective as the name brand, and helps to save patients thousands of dollars.

A general consensus from users has shown that the effectiveness of Viraday to be just as strong as Atripla.

To find more independent reviews that are in depth with patients experiences, view the following sites.

Examples of Viraday results

One user from New York City describes their experience of switching from Atripla to generic Atripla. Not only did she save a ton of money, but listen to her results! The blogger explains in the beginning of the post her results with Atripla. Their counts after 6 months on Atripla were CD-4 110 and Viral Load 18,000. Nothing stellar compared to the results she wanted and needed to live.

The blogger continues to write, "I got great news: CD-4 up to 130 from 110 in November; and Viral load to 240 from about 18000 in November. Viraday works and is not a sugar pill as I had feared."

This is just one of many stories from users for the generic drug. The results are all the proof needed.

Another example of effective results is explained online by a doctor. You can find more on this story at

The questions asked is, What is the lifespan of patients on the generic medication? The doctor explains how with the studies shown, results depend solely on whether the patient takes the medication regularly or not.

The doctor continues to explain that as long as the generic medication is taken regularly, the body should not build up immunity to it, and have incredible results. This shows how the medical field is advancing and working to improve treatment for HIV patients every day.

Comparing generics and brands

Generic drugs in general are typically the same or almost the same as the brand name items. Atripla is highly expensive and effective to some users and is a patented name brand. Atripla has US patents which protect it in many countries and allow the company to control its price to consumers. The generic version, Viraday, on the other hand costs very little compared to Atripla and is just as effective.

Atripla was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on July 12, 2006 making it safe for patients to take.

Viraday was launched by Cipla India in October 2006 and has been safe for patients to take. They are both composed of the exact three same drugs. The amounts of these drugs are exactly the same too. Because the formulas and ingredients are exactly the same in both brands, they produce the same results.

The only noticeable difference between the two drugs is that on occasion there is a color difference.

If sold in the USA it is salmon colored, and sold outside the United States it is white. The generic version is salmon colored, although color does not cause a difference is the formula of the drugs.

If you decide to use another online pharmacy, remember to find sites that require prescriptions, has completed all the legal procedures, and that the site is secure. Not every site you find online can be trusted. This medicine can mean life or death to you, and we understand that here. We take our legal proceedings and customer service very important.

Our goal is to make medicine more affordable to consumers who rely on our medicine every day. We provide 100% safe and affordable medicine around the world to patients in need, like you.

Excellent short video on Atripla

Viraday: Product information

US Brand nameATRIPLA


Strength600 MG/200MG/300MG
ManufacturerVIRADAY - CIPLA
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Atripla generic cost


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