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Anti-spam policy


Since approximately 90% of all email is now spam (Industry leader Symantec - May 2009), we are determined that we will not be a contributor to this problem. Our company has a team of e-commerce and IT security experts with over 100 years combined IT & e-commerce experience so we are well aware of our obligations towards spam and the frustration it could cause to our customers.
With this in mind, please see below for how we try and reduce spam:


All the pages on our website that store and collect details from our customers are protected using 128-bit SSL encryption and in some areas 2048-bit SSL encryption (higher than most recent e-commerce standards). SSL protection is provided by one the leading internet security specialists, Comodo. Their trusted seal of approval on our website shows that our site can be trusted.


We will only email you :
- after your order has been successfully taken
- after your order has been successfully shipped and payment taken
- in a response to an email query you sent to us
- to remind you when your refills are due
- if there is a problem with your order
- if you sign-up for our newsletter


Since customer satisfaction is one of the key drivers for our business, we take spam compliance extremely seriously and will endeavor to work through any such complaints and resolve as soon as possible.

We sincerely understand your frustration at receiving spam email - even our company has to use extra anti-spam services to stop the unsolicited emails that we regularly receive.


» Carefully inspect any order forms or personal information areas of the website before entering and submitting your details. The best way to tell if an order/payment/personal information form is actually secure is to look for "https:" or "SSL" in the internet address url. If these are not present, do not use the form or website. Where any payment information is required to be submitted, also check that the site has the padlock symbol that assures you that your credit card data is being encrypted and secured.

» Try not to use your main email address to sign up for anything online e.g. newsletters since it is impossible to know who could be given your email address once you register. Please note that we do not disclose any of our customers information details to any 3rd party companies under any circumstances.

» Before visiting a website, try an online search (try to verify its credibility. If the first page of search results is mainly spam or complaints about the site then do not use the site.

» Never ever opt out of Spam emails, since by replying to the spam and requesting to be removed is confirming that you have a valid email address. It also proves you are reading your spam email, following its instructions and do not have effective spam filters.

» Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer as it offers greater web security.This is free to download from

» Install effective spam filters into your email system. The following article provides independent advice on the best spam filters etc.

» Check out sites such as to learn how to fight spam and how to prevent receiving it in the first place.

» Complain to your Representative or Senator. Doing this will help increase awareness of this issue and helps to promote the push for more effective legislation.

» Your Internet Service Provider or computer supplier may also provide you with free anti-spam and spyware software.

» To help protect against malicious programs on the internet, goto Microsoft's spyware website: and try the free download of Windows Defender (included in recent versions of Windows) . It updates itself for free and scans constantly for new threats.

» Do not download any browser toolbars from 3rd party companies unless you have first checked that they are legal. Some of these may contain 'spyware' that monitors the information you enter into websites (e.g. card details) which is then send onto a 3rd party without your knowledge.

Please be assured that we will always work to the best of our abilities to protect our customers from spam mail and will provide the necessary support and information to help reduce its potential impact to our customers.


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